Our Platform

The highest level of healthcare delivered with the utmost respect and care for patients and providers alike.

We're Safe & Secure

Sympliact is a secure, web-based, cloud platform designed to improve the connection and coordination between patients and their networks of healthcare providers.

We Prioritize Compliance

Data security is at the forefront of everything that we do at Sympliact -- our cloud infrastructure and the applications built on that infrastructure strictly adhere to HIPAA compliance standards.

In addition to compliance, we remain dedicated to having our applications accessible by users on almost any physical device.

Why Use Sympliact

Our platform consists of both patient and healthcare provider applications. Utilizing the internet to access our platform, both Patients and Providers are able to share information and collaborate across the Sympliact platform. The three major benefits that come from using our platform are:

Complete Data Control

As a Patient, you retain the ability to control and manage your Patient data.

Provider Collaboration

Our platform creates an atmosphere for Providers to collaborate seamlessly.

Enhance Care Delivery

Patient data and Provider collaboration allows for a higher level of care.

Who We Serve

At its core, Sympliact connects providers and their patients like never before; bridging the gap with a user-friendly system. Through this connection, patients receive five-star care and service, and providers align themselves with optimized, predictable workflows and the highest level of patient satisfaction.


Sympliact helps remove redundancies, pain points, and enhances Patient satisfaction – all by creating a Patient centric system.


We enable predictable daily workflows and schedules by removing waste, long wait times, and rushed patient-provider interactions.

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