We use state-of-the art technology to deliver the best care

No matter if you’re a patient or a provider, the best healthcare begins before any appointment. And it starts with Sympliact – where healthcare is streamlined.

Solving Patient and Provider
Problems Is Our Business

At its core, Sympliact connects providers and their patients like never before, bridging the gap with a user-friendly system. Through this connection, patients receive five-star care and service, and providers align themselves with optimized, predictable workflows and the highest level of patient satisfaction.


Say goodbye to registration forms. Your data is compiled and curated over time as you see providers – you maintain co-ownership and control of your data all the while.


Say hello to Provider collaboration. We enable seamless Provider connections and collaboration, ensuring the best and most efficient treatment and service is delivered.


Say goodbye to long waits. Operating at a higher level of efficiency means Providers spend more time focused on Patients and less time on wasteful duplicative work.

We’re changing the way you receive healthcare

Countless patient forms, repetitive entry of the same information, and long wait times are the last thing you want when needing to be treated. That’s where Sympliact goes into action.


The registration process quickly gathers patient Information in a purposeful and dynamic manner – simple, personalized, & structured.


When you link to Providers, the strength and value of your record grows – a virtuous cycle supporting ever improving treatment. You maintain complete control over your connection to providers.


By using Sympliact, you’re doing more than creating a patient profile. You are giving Healthcare Providers the insight needed to spend more time focused on your treatment plan and less on the repetitive gathering of the same information.

We make more quality time with patients possible

From day one, we set our sights on increasing Providers’ quality time with Patients. But Sympliact goes beyond that, working to create more meaningful interactions at every point along the care continuum.


Patient forms and the exchange of patient information can slow down and throw off schedules, leading to patient dissatisfaction and provider frustration. That’s why we reimagined how Providers receive and interact with patients, their health information, and other providers.


Receiving the best treatment is what every patient looks for in a Provider. That’s why we built the ability for Patients to link to their network of Providers in Sympliact. Improved provider collaboration supports higher quality and more streamlined care along with increased patient satisfaction.


From the registration process to treatment decisions, we’ve made global operational efficiency a core benefit. From reducing wait times to creating more meaningful staff-to-patient experiences, it’s all embedded into our solution.

Explore Sympliact In Action

Sympliact connects patients and providers using smart technology to streamline and guide both
access to and delivery of care. Here’s what happens when you deploy it.

On-time Appointments

Percentage of appointments begun on-time increased by 39% on average.

Patient Wait Times

62% less time on average and 50% less variability in wait times.

In-office Registration Time

57% less time on average to register and 50% less variability in registration times.

Total Appointment Time

36% less time on average and 8% less variability in appointment times.


Got a few questions about how Sympliact works? See a few commonly asked questions below.

  • What is the difference between Sympliact and a Patient Portal?
  • Sympliact is a patient- and family-centric healthcare record — it is not provider-specific, specialty-specific, organization-specific, or healthcare system-specific.  A patient record can be connected with a patient’s healthcare provider, which enables collaboration and communication between the two on scheduled appointments and care delivery. When a patient record is connected to more than one healthcare provider, this new level of communication and collaboration around a particular patient’s care gets extended to include that new provider as well. This means that patients can truly become co-owners in their healthcare records, which allows limitless possibilities for the transformation of how healthcare is delivered and received.

  • Who owns my data on Sympliact?
  • Data related to the delivery and receipt of care is co-owned by patients and any providers to whom their patient record is connected — patient users have ultimate control over the sharing of their patient record across the Sympliact network.  They can choose the providers to whom they do or do not want to connect their patient profile. Additionally, a patient can choose to disconnect their patient record from a provider at any indicated time.  As is the case now, that provider would retain any records created during the term of their connection to the patient record, but would receive no new information from the patient’s record after the connection is ended.

  • Do I have control over providers connected to my patient record?
  • Yes. A provider can send you an invitation to connect your patient record with their corresponding provider record for you, but you have to review and consent to that connection prior to any connection taking place.  Upon consenting to a connection your patient record will receive any information that the provider has populated to your provider-side record and the provider will receive any information that you have populated to your patient-side record. You also retain full control and can choose to end the connection to any provider at any time.

  • What is the cost to sign up?
  • There is no cost to sign up.  Once your practice is onboarded, you can start using it with patients immediately.  The first 60 days on the platform are free for all practices.  After 60 days, there is a free tier and paid tiers that are based on practice size and use of the platform.

  • What if I already have a patient portal?
  • We are excited for you to join our anti-patient-portal movement! Sign up for your free account and start learning how and why Sympliact is very different from a patient portal. Part patient relationship management platform… Part referral relationship management platform… Part patient-centric, distributed healthcare record… Part workflow optimization and operations management software.

  • Where is the data stored?
  • The data is stored within our HIPAA-compliant cloud infrastructure.  This gives you secure and compliant access to your practice’s data anywhere that has access to an internet connection. 

  • Do you integrate with EHR software?
  • Sympliact does not integrate with other software systems.  We are more focused on two fundamentally more powerful and beneficial priorities:  1.  The integration and connection of patients with their networks of providers and their personal healthcare continuum.  2. Global optimization of the healthcare value stream for patients and providers in contrast to local optimizations such as integrating with other software systems.  We have, however, built productivity features directly into our product that make the transfer of any indicated data from Sympliact to other software systems extremely quick, easy, and controlled.  

Built for Connections. Powered by People.

88% of users on our platform prefer the Sympliact platform over other registration options they have experienced. Here’s a few more things they had to say about their experience with Sympliact.

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